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Updated Notice of Annual General Meeting 2020

NOTICE IS GIVEN that the Annual General Meeting of Riverwood Legion and Community Club Limited ACN 000 411 923 (the “Club”) will now be held in the Club’s premises at 32-34 Littleton Street Riverwood New South Wales at 11am on Sunday 26th July 2020. Please direct any questions about the business to be conducted at the Annual General Meeting to the Chief Executive Officer by 5:00pm on Monday 20 July 2020 to assist with preparation of answers. Registration for attendance at the Annual General Meeting will open at 10:30am on Sunday 26 July 2020 and members are requested to register and be in attendance for the start of the meeting at 11:00am. Members are requested to ensure that they have their current membership card or other form of identification available to assist in the registration process.


 Riverwood Legion and Community Club Limited (‘the Company’) announces that BDO Audit Pty Ltd (‘BDO Audit’) has been appointed as auditor of the Company.  The appointment follows the resignation of BDO East Coast Partnership (‘BDO ECP’), and ASIC’s consent to the resignation in accordance with s329(5) of the Corporations Act 2001 (‘the Act’). The change of auditor arose as a result of BDO ECP restructuring its audit practice whereby audits will be conducted by BDO Audit, an authorised audit company, rather than BDO ECP. In accordance with section 327C of the Act, a resolution will be proposed at the 2020 Annual General Meeting to confirm the appointment of the Company’s auditor.