Club Rivers Secret Santa Project aimed to make  the holiday season brighter

An ambitious project from Club Rivers aimed to get local members & residents in the festive spirit, was held this week.

Club Rivers organised the Secret Santa project, an event that included a visit from Santa to homes and local support groups to spread some much-needed joy to locals this Christmas.

Club CEO Paul Millar believed the project made a big impression on residents in the local area.

He said: “Many of us have been impacted by the pandemic, whether it be socially,  economically or emotionally and the event was just something we felt would bring a bit of positivity and fun to locals over a tough Christmas period.

Many locals witnessed Santa and his posse cruising the streets in a little red corvette, whilst more than 40 local families, that signed up to take part in the event, received a personal visit and gift from Santa and his crew.

“This is a year that will be remembered for generations and if we can take one bit of  negative and make it a positive then we are reaching our aim as a community club,” said Paul Millar.

The secret Santa project was held late afternoon on Monday 14 & Tuesday 15 December 2020. All generous donations received from local residents during the 2-day event will be given to the Starlight Foundation.